How Data Recovery Company performed a Samsung Hard Drive Recovery in Norwood, MA?

Customer's HDD originates from a Lenovo laptop that was slowly loading up the Windows 10 operating system, however further functionality failed, whether it was loading any applications, such as a browser or accessing data files through file explorer. The customer attempted typical trivial fixes, such as running the CHKDSK command with the various switches from within the menu as well as command prompt, but all failed.

(Warning: Despite all the success stories and reviews on the internet, running the CHKDSK command on failing drives is very risky due to the potential degraded condition of the drive at physical level (bad sectors and/or read-write head failure.) Running the command could result in partial or complete data structure corruption without possibility of undoing the damage. Therefore, without a solid tested files backup, issuing the command is NOT recommended.)

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Internal drive in the laptop was a Samsung 2.5" HDD, specs:

750GB Samsung Momentus

Model: ST750LM022

Part Number: HN-M750MBB/LCP

Firmware: 2AR10001

Site: DGT

Country: China

Failure: the internal drive sustained degradation where bad sectors began developing in an area containing critical operating files causing operating system being unstable and hard disk drive to fail. SMART attributes were corrupt and inaccessible. Further mechanics testing indicating weak or bad read-write component. This case was categorized as a logical recovery (bad sectors).

Solution: HDD's firmware was modified to prevent drive's own internal error scanning activation and operation with the goal of minimizing further damage. Binary sector-by-sector copy of the failed HDD were created using advanced data recovery hardware based equipment to a healthy drive based on MFT Map of the several existent partitions. Upon imaging process completion, the files were extracted to a brand new Western Digital hard drive that was installed in the laptop as replacement. Prior to transferring the recovered files, our technicians performed a new Windows 10 installation on the laptop. File listing of the files recovered were provided to the customer for review. Upon files review confirmation from the customer, the laptop was delivered to the customer.

Outcome: Customer was relieved from the pressure of losing all of his small business critical files. He stated "You guys came through. So convenient and professional."

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