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We are local data recovery specialists in Massachusetts.

We are a data recovery company specializing in file recovery from all Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), External Drives, Compact, Micro and SD Cards Cards, NAS Storage Devices and RAID Arrays using Apple MacOS, Microsoft's Windows, Linux based and other operating systems. The first step is to familiarize with the type of device you need file recovery on and how it may have gotten damaged.

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1. Let's start with a FREE diagnosis.

How well do you really understand the data recovery industry?

It is important that you understand the data recovery industry and the data recovery process in general. Why? Well, most people lack clarity and most times make decisions based on fear and assumption. Typically, such decisions lead customers to the wrong "data recovery company", potentially getting your device damaged by inexperienced computer shops offering data recovery, paying a high data recovery price, or getting scammed by a shady data recovery center. It is important to have clear communication about your needs and expectations and ask the right questions. Let's perform a diagnosis on your device and provide you all the information you need about the failures and no-obligation quotes.

2. Drop-off, ship-in your device or techs can come out to you for the FREE diagnosis.

We understand that people are busy or have special needs. As result, we are very flexible in making ourselves available to you. You may drop-off in person or ship-in the device to one of our locations in Boston, Cambridge or Dedham, or our staff can come out to your location anywhere in the Greater Boston Area. Whatever is more convenient to you.

3. Technicians perform the diagnosis on your device.

All professional data recovery companies begin the repair and data recovery services with their data recovery specialists performing a diagnosis on the device. 

The diagnosis entails a series of visual, hardware and software tests using advanced data recovery equipment and a clean room environment. The diagnosis results will allow the technicians to understand how the device failed, whether the files are recoverable and what the data recovery price will be.

4. You receive a diagnostic report along with service quotes.

Once the diagnosis is complete, we will email the results in a user-friendly technical report allowing you to easily understand the failure(s). You can check the quotes and decide which option is best for you.

5. You approve the data recovery service.

We will inform you of the diagnosis results and the quotes and wait for your data recovery service approval. There is no obligation. We will advise you to make a decision in your best interest based on the most suitable options regarding data recovery prices and recovery turn-around options. No tricks, full transparency.

6. Recovery process begins.

The recovery process entails three main steps:

1) Stabilize the device's electronic, mechanical and firmware components. 2) Create a clone of the failed device to another healthy device, and 3) Run scans and extract the files to a brand new external drive or USB flash drive.

7. You receive a file listing for review & confirmation before payment.

As a professional data recovery company, we will give you a chance to review the recovered data prior to making payment. It is the right thing to do. Your files will be recovered to either a bran new USB external drive or flash drive, your own new or formatted hard drive or, if feasible, to a cloud account, such as: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

8. You complete payment. Only if you are happy, of course.

You deserving knowing what you are paying for. So, we provide the opportunity for your to review all recovered files prior to completing the payment. Once you review the file listing, then data recovery payment can be completed. We have a variety of payment options: cash, check, credit card or paypal. May securely complete credit card or paypal payment for the data recovery project directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

9. You pick-up the recovery or our staff can deliver it to you.

Once we receive payment, we can make arrangements to provide the recovery to you based on your needs and schedule. You may pick up the recovered files from one of our data recovery labs, we can ship it to you or have it delivered by our own staff anywhere in the Greater Boston Area. Your files will be stored to a new flash drive, external drive or other methods. We also gladly accept customers' own drives as long as they are new or allowing us to format them. Please, create a data back up before providing it to us.

10. BONUS - FREE 14 Days Data Recovery Warranty

Indeed, we offer a 14 days warranty service to ensure the file restoration process on your end goes smoothly. So, rest assured your data needs will be handled carefully and intuitively.


quick FREE consultation


Receive a FREE professional data recovery service consultation and estimate by calling or texting our specialists.

Describe to us your device, how it failed and how it currently behaves.

We will then provide data recovery guidance in your best interest. No tricks.

What to expect?

- Local Massachusetts service

- Friendly family-like staff

- Honesty

- Transparency

- Professionalism

- Free Diagnosis

- No-obligation quote

- Flat pricing

- No hidden fees

- Pick-up & Delivery

- Onsite service


Boston Data Recovery      Prudential Tower Office  (M-F 8:30AM-5PM)          800 Boylston St,          16th Floor              Boston, MA 02199



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Stop looking - you want to go to these guys! If you’re reading this, you’re probably not having the best day, but Data Recovery Guru will give you prompt, professional service at a great price, so you’ve got that going for you. They’re local, which is always a plus (didn’t want to ship my drive across country and wait days in transit both ways), and the service was excellent. Highly recommend.
— BJ MacLaughlin
Data Recovery Guru is excellent. Petri gave us his personal attention and recovered all (over 20 years) of the data for our business. Service is outstanding and Petri is of the highest integrity. Five stars!
— Bill Murray
I’ve worked with DRG on a few things and have always been knock-me-on-my-ass impressed with them. They over-deliver well before the deadline and at a price you just won’t find anywhere else. They’re the professionals that professionals trust when it matters.
— Eric Carpenter
Where another recovery service failed, Guru came through. Their service was prompt, their updates were constant and their billing fully transparent. In a bad situation, I could not be happier. I hope I never need their services again, but recommend them highly for anyone that does.
— Ryan D. Sullivan

WHat do clients like about us?

Our clients appreciate that we are truly local, operating here in the Greater Boston Area, provide a high level of flexibility to meet their busy schedule needs, that we are upfront and thorough with the data recovery diagnosis report, service explanations and updates.

You Should Know

Since the early days, the data recovery industry has been perceived with skepticism due to the lack of service transparency, clear explanations and high costs by many data recovery service providers through out the country.

Our priority is to provide all the facts upfront and answer all questions, wonders and fears you may have, so that you can make informative decisions, follow the process easily and enjoy a stress-free experience.


We focus on:


- Honesty

- Quality