Was the Apple Store unable to help you with your MacBook?

Often times, if your MacBook has failed due to user error, such as spilling liquid, or just electronics failure, and the Apple warranty has expired, chances are the Apple Genius Bar technicians will not be able to help you. In such situations, the Apple Store will likely only offer to repair your MacBook by replacing any of the major components.

But what about your critical data in need of data recovery service?

MacBook Air Pro Data Recovery.jpg

The Genius Bar technicians will likely recommend seeking a professional data recovery company.

All of the newer and new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series laptops have built-in or onboard Solid State Drive (SSD) storage. In most models, the SSD is not removable. The MacBook model in the picture actually has a removable SSD storage module, which is good, but there is no easy way to access the data on it due to Apple's proprietary SSD interface and overall technology design.

The only feasible way to rescue the data from the SSD is to buy another MacBook and swap the target SSD in place of the new one and recover the data.

For most customers, this is not a feasible file recovery solution, as nobody would want to spend a $1000+ for a second computer.

As result, the easiest and best course of action for regular customers, IT and computer shop technicians is to hire a data recovery specialist and retrive the files using a compatible MacBook Air or MacBook Pro laptop.

If you are not sure about how to proceed with a failed MacBook, contact us or any local data recovery service provider for options. We will ask you for the serial number off the back cover on your Mac Book to determine the model specifications, whether the SSD model is removable or not, as well as whether a data recovery software or hardware solution will be needed.