Have a dead MicroSD or SD Card? Were you told it is "dead"?

Were you using a MicroSD or SD Card and it became inaccessible all of a sudden?

This happens often with flash based devices such as MicroSD Cards, SD Cards, Compact Flash (CF) Cards. Flash failure happens more frequently than people can imagine, therefore flash data recovery services are in high demand.

Flash is a complex data storage technology that is constantly evolving. With that in mind, it’s evolvement implies very challenging procedures in performing file recovery. You may try to gain access yourself by connecting these type of the devices in various Windows or Apple computers, in native ports or via adapters, in hope it may allow file access. Sometimes, that approach may work for a limited time. Most times it does not work at all. This data recovery software approach is typically what a computer shop tech or IT department would attempt, too, without success.

What could be done? An advanced data recovery solution is possible. A reputable data recovery company will have the proper advanced hardware and software data recovery tools allowing access to designated chip pins within the device’s flash storage package. Accessing the raw data on those SoC flash packages is a complex process due to non-standardization among the manufacturers. Many of the Micro and SD Card card models have already been reverse engineered and solutions for data recovery are available.

Micro SD Card recovery.jpg

So, if you have one of those failed storage devices, don’t give up based on what an inexperienced IT tech or computer shop told you. Please, seek a competent local data recovery company for help.