What does the data recovery industry have in common with politics?

Simple… Transparency.

The data recovery industry overtime, very much like politics, has gathered a really bad reputation for misleading people with their decision-making. At least, this is how most customers feel when they approach a data recovery company, especially those who need data recovery services for the first time.

So, the question is why?

There is no good answer other than the fact of somehow getting over with some sort of an advantage, a profit, or serving an interest. Along with countless other industries, data recovery and politics have become saturated with misleading information and perception, practices, false advertisement and endorsements.

Both, as customers (regular folks) and business owners (equivalent of politicians in theory), have to really dig deep and change our ways in how we present information, our intentions, along with how we communicate, vote and endorse. In terms of data recovery, regular folks are tired of over-promising and under-delivering and data recovery business owners are tired of skepticism, indecisiveness and unjustified discount requests.

It should start with the fight for transparency. Then practice honesty and clarity. Then prove whatever is promised.

P.S. If you are a customer, what characteristics are you looking for in your Boston data recovery service provider? Or as an owner of a Massachusetts data recovery company, what characteristics are you looking for in your data recovery customer?