Western Digital My Passport for MAC Recovery in Weymouth, MA 02191

Client's drive was a USB 3.0 Western Digital My Passport for MAC external drive that was slowly mounting on an Apple machine, however the files could not be accessed. A local computer shop tech attempted to verify and repair the disk volume with Apple Disk Utility but was unsuccessful.

Our staff picked the drive up from the client's business.

Internal drive inside the My Passport enclosure was a Western Digital 2.5" hard disk drive:



DATE 08 APR 2014


PCB 2060-771961-001 REV A


Failure: The internal drive sustained deterioration where bad sectors began developing causing hard disk drive to fail. Neither the drive’s firmware and LBA user data sectors were accessible via the USB interface. This HDD was categorized with firmware and logical failures.

Solution: The technicians sourced the proper compatible donor SATA based interface PCB and performed a firmware adaptation procedure via ROM BIOS reading and writing in order to make the donor PCB compatible with the client’s drive. This procedure allowed partial hard drive firmware access in order to identify the drive correctly, however full firmware access was not possible due to Self Encrypted Drive Locked error. A special advanced firmware alteration was necessary in order to gain full firmware access. Next the HDD's firmware modules were modified to prevent drive's own internal error scanning activation and operation with the goal of minimizing further damage. At this point, since this My Passport model external drive is designed to encrypt the files on the fly by the manufacturer’s design user data was accessible, however in encrypted mode. Using advanced data recovery software, the proper encryption keys were made available allowing file access in decrypted mode. Binary sector-by-sector copy of the failed HDD were created using advanced data recovery hardware based equipment to a healthy hard disk drive. Upon imaging process completion, the files were extracted to a brand new USB 3.0 Seagate BackUp Plus Slim external drive formatted as exFAT for Mac and Windows accessibility. File listing was provided to the customer for review. Upon review confirmation, the recovered data on the Seagate external drive were delivered to the customer.

This is a snapshot illustrates the firmware adaptation part used for this recovery.

This is a snapshot illustrates the firmware adaptation part used for this recovery.

Outcome: Customer was satisfied stating "We are happy. Great service for a low investment in less than a week! Will tell friends of your service."

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