Seagate HDD Fingerprint Damage

Do you find yourself curious what it could be done with a failed hard disk drive?

You are thinking: “Goodness, this drive is not working, not registering in BIOS or device manager, let me see what is going on inside with the read-write mechanism. I am going to open it by removing the HDD cover.”

Truth is, not much is likely going on inside. There is not that much to see or understand unless having extended experience in interpreting damage.

Needless to say the number one problem when inexperienced people open hard disk drives is that they cause further damage.


Well, the answer is by accidentally touching internal components with the hands, fingers, possible saliva. The internal components are highly sensitive to outside elements, such as dust, grease, fingerprints, disk particles, any foreign objects, etc. One component in particular is the disk inside the hard drive itself. It is this disk that stores the actual data files.

When the disk sustains contamination by any of the aforementioned elements, once the device is powered on, then more than likely the disk will sustain irreversible physical damage. Once physical damage is present, then the chances of recovering the files on the disk are significantly decreased and cost to attempt to the recovery exponentially increased.

If you are an inexperienced person, what to do in a situation where you find yourself dealing with a failed drive? Definitely, not open the drive. Inquire with a specialist in data recovery and follow their advice on ISO 5 Class 100 clean room service.

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