Seagate Laptop Hard Disk Drive Recovery in Cambridge, MA 02134 (under $590)

Customer's drive came out of an Alienware laptop that was freezing upon boot up causing Windows operating system loading to stall. Per customer, prior repair and recovery attempts by computer shop were unsuccessful.

Our staff picked the drive up from the customer's business.

Internal drive in the laptop was a Seagate 2.5" HDD, specs:

500GB Seagate Momentus

Model: ST9500423AS

Part Number: 9RT143-033

Firmware: 0005DEM1

Site: SU

Country: China

Failure: the internal drive sustained degradation where bad sectors began developing causing hard disk drive to fail. SMART element was corrupt and inaccessible. Further mechanics testing indicating weak or bad read-write component. This case was categorized as a mechanical and logical recovery.

Solution: HDD's firmware were modified to prevent drive's own internal error scanning activation and operation with the goal of minimizing further damage. Donor drive were sourced and failed Seagate HDD were mechanically rebuilt with healthy components. Binary sector-by-sector copy of the failed HDD were created using advanced data recovery hardware based equipment to a healthy drive based on MFT Map of the several existent partitions. Upon imaging process completion, the files were extracted to a brand new USB interface Toshiba external drive. File listing were provided to the customer for review. Upon files review confirmation from the customer, the recovered data on the USB3 Toshiba Canvio external drive were delivered to the customer.

Notes:  Donor costs were included in the recovery costs ($190).

Donor was purchased from

Outcome: Customer was happy stating "Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you."

Cost: less than $590.

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