Common question customers ask: “What drive & back solution do you recommend?”

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Unfortunately, all hard drives fail for various reasons, whether they are design, manufacturing, wear-n-tear, or user error related. Therefore, none are exceptional.

A sound strategy is to no longer count on a drive's reliability, rather, rely on the process of keeping the data alive, regardless of device brand, through backups.

For very basic needs at a low cost, we recommend at least two external drives, backing up each other, as follows:

Computer > External drive 1 > External drive 2, or

Computer > External drive 1 & Computer > External drive 2, where both externals are connected to the same computer. For this strategy, we would recommend a desktop type of an external drive that it is set in place and does not move. The second external drive can be a portable small USB kind.

For more advanced home or small business needs, we would recommend a backup strategy as follows:

Device (computer/server/phone/tablet) > NAS (Network Attached Storage) > External Drive (USB, Thunderbolt, etc)

Most NAS devices have USB ports on the backplane, allowing to connect a variety of portable DAS (Direct Attached Storage, such as an external drive, for example).

Here is a list of popular NAS devices from a fairly reputable source, PC Magazine:,2817,2401086,00.asp

Although we are not a big fan, you can also look into cloud solutions, at least for the most critical files. It the files are important, it is a good idea to have a backup offsite, like in the cloud, in case of flooding, fires, storms, etc.

Whatever backup strategy you decide to implement, the goal is to be disciplined in keeping up with the backup routine, so that we can have multiple copies of the data on at least 2-3 media. This way, if one medium fails, we have access to the data on another.

If you would like us to help you with a backup strategy solution tailored to your needs, we can help. 

We must first have a consultation on what type of data you have, how much data and how it is accessed currently, as well as growing data needs in the future.

The consultation will allow our experts to tailor a proper backup solution according to your needs.

This type of service starts at $200. The cost of devices and installation is extra.

If you have any questions, please reach out 617-571-9172.